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Anagrams of atabal

6 letter words (anagrams) by unscrambling letters in atabal

balataAs Noun : when dried yields a hard substance used e.g. in golf balls

5 letter words (anagrams) by unscrambling letters in atabal


4 letter words (anagrams) by unscrambling letters in atabal

albaAs Noun : one or more recordings issued together; originally released on 12-inch phonograph records usually with attractive record covers

Example Sentence :The chief trees of the country are the aspen (Populus tremuloides), the ash-leaved maple (Negundo aceroides), oak (Quercus alba), elm (Ulmus Americana), and many varieties of willow.
baalAs Noun : any of numerous local fertility and nature deities worshipped by ancient Semitic peoples; the Hebrews considered Baal a false god

Example Sentence :Baal being originally a title, and not a proper name, the innumerable baals could be distinguished by the addition of the name of a place or of some special attribute.
blatAs Verb : cry plaintively

Example Sentence :I'm not taking that blat
talaAs Noun : the basic unit of money in Western Samoa

3 letter words (anagrams) by unscrambling letters in atabal


Example Sentence :telecommunication network using the w-cdma protocol with aal -2 based termination points
abaAs Noun : a loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth; worn by Arabs
alaAs Noun : a flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism

Example Sentence :The palace of the sultans and the mosque of Ala ed-din Kaikobad formerly covered great part of the Acropolis hill in the northern part of the city.
albAs Noun : a white linen liturgical vestment with sleeves; worn by priests
altAs Noun : angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object

Example Sentence :For the next nine years he appeared an unexcepat it utioo- tionable sovereign, anxious only to conciliate the alt), nation and parliament.
baaAs Verb : cry plaintively
batAs Verb : strike with, or as if with a baseball bat
labAs Noun : a workplace for the conduct of scientific research

Example Sentence :Quinn remained in his lab, cleaning up the remnants of his scientific adventures.
latAs Noun : a broad flat muscle on either side of the back
tabAs Noun : the bill in a restaurant

2 letter words (anagrams) by unscrambling letters in atabal

aaAs Noun : a dry form of lava resembling clinkers
abAs Noun : a bachelor's degree in arts and sciences

Example Sentence :Don't hold your breath, ab.
alAs Noun : a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite

Example Sentence :Oppositifolia, Silene acauhs, and ai naphalium tuteo-al bum.
atAs Noun : a highly unstable radioactive element the heaviest of the halogen series

Example Sentence :‘Instead of thunder, the company had been struck by a need to change the cast, and no minor change at that.’
baAs Noun : a soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group; found in barite
laAs Noun : a white soft metallic element that tarnishes readily; occurs in rare earth minerals and is usually classified as a rare earth
taAs Noun : a hard grey lustrous metallic element that is highly resistant to corrosion; occurs in niobite and fergusonite and tantalite

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