cypher Meaning


- convert ordinary language into code
- make a mathematical calculation or computation


- a mathematical element that when added to another number yields the same number
- a quantity of no importance
- a person of no influence
- a secret method of writing
- a message written in a secret code

Words that sound like or rhyme with cypher

cipher  , decipher  , heifer  , lifer  , fifer  , seifer  , schleifer  , knifer  , pfeiffer  , slifer  , pfeifer  , pifer  , stonecipher  , stonesifer  , leifer  , peiffer  , peifer  , phifer  , kifer

Anagrams of cypher

Words that end with cypher


Words that start with cypher





Suffixes of cypher

cypher  , ypher  , pher  , her  , er

Prefixes of cypher

cy  , cyp  , cyph  , cyphe  , cypher

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