diet Meaning


- follow a regimen or a diet, as for health reasons
- eat sparingly, for health reasons or to lose weight


- a prescribed selection of foods
- a legislative assembly in certain countries (e.g., Japan
- the usual food and drink consumed by an organism (person or animal
- the act of restricting your food intake (or your intake of particular foods

Words that sound like or rhyme with diet

quiet  , riot  , disquiet  , griot  , wyatt  , guyot  , byatt  , hyatt  , pyatt  , hiatt  , piatt  , myatt  , iott

Anagrams of diet

Words that end with diet


Words that start with diet

dieticians  , dietitians


diethylcarbamazines  , diethylstilbestrols

diethylcarbamazine  , diethylstilbestrol

diets  , dietz


dietary  , dieters  , diether  , dieting

dieted  , dieter

dietaries  , dietarily  , dietetics  , dietician  , dietitian

dietetic  , diethers  , dietrich

Suffixes of diet

diet  , iet  , et

Prefixes of diet

di  , die  , diet

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