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duo Meaning


- two items of the same kind
- two performers or singers who perform together
- a pair who associate with one another
- a musical composition for two performers

Words that sound like or rhyme with duo

kuo  , tetsuo  , matsuo  , yasuo  , kazuo

Anagrams of duo

Words that end with duo


Words that start with duo

duodecimals  , duopolistic

duodecimal  , duodecimos  , duopsonies




duomi  , duomo


duodena  , duologs  , duopoly  , duotone

duolog  , duomos

duodecimo  , duodenums  , duologues  , duopolies

duodenal  , duodenum  , duologue  , duopsony  , duotones

Suffixes of duo

duo  , uo

Prefixes of duo

du  , duo

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