listers Meaning


- English surgeon who was the first to use antiseptics (1827-1912
- assessor who makes out the tax lists
- moldboard plow with a double moldboard designed to move dirt to either side of a central furrow

Words that sound like or rhyme with listers

clusters  , gangbusters  , busters  , lustres  , adjusters  , blusters  , musters  , lusters  , dusters  , thrusters  , filibusters  , blockbusters  , flusters  , bestirs  , trusters

Anagrams of listers

Words that end with listers

enlisters  , filisters

blisters  , glisters  , klisters



Words that start with listers


Suffixes of listers

listers  , isters  , sters  , ters  , ers  , rs

Prefixes of listers

li  , lis  , list  , liste  , lister  , listers

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