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masterminds Meaning


- plan and direct (a complex undertaking


- someone who creates new things
- someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality

Words that sound like or rhyme with masterminds

kinds  , winds  , minds  , blinds  , hinds  , binds  , finds  , grinds  , reminds  , rinds  , ninds  , behinds

Anagrams of masterminds

Words that end with masterminds


Words that start with masterminds


Suffixes of masterminds

masterminds  , asterminds  , sterminds  , terminds  , erminds  , rminds  , minds  , inds  , nds  , ds

Prefixes of masterminds

ma  , mas  , mast  , maste  , master  , masterm  , mastermi  , mastermin  , mastermind  , masterminds

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