pica Meaning


- an eating disorder, frequent in children, in which non-nutritional objects are eaten persistently
- a linear unit (1/6 inch
- magpies

Words that sound like or rhyme with pica

mica  , formica  , micah  , fica  , majka  , czajka  , treichel  , osika

Anagrams of pica

Words that end with pica



Words that start with pica

picaninnies  , picaresques  , picarooning

picaresque  , picarooned  , picayunish

pical  , picas


picacho  , picador  , picaras  , picaros  , picasso

picara  , picaro

picadores  , picaninny  , picaroons  , picayunes

picachos  , picadors  , picaroon  , picayune

Suffixes of pica

pica  , ica  , ca

Prefixes of pica

pi  , pic  , pica

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