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rosy Meaning


- reflecting optimism
- having the pinkish flush of health
- of blush color
- presaging good fortune

Words that sound like or rhyme with rosy

cozy  , cosy  , nosy  , nosey  , mosey  , posey  , blowsy  , rosie  , prosy  , frowsy  , blowzy  , cosey  , josie  , coxae  , josey  , ring-around-the-rosy  , hosie  , hosey  , rosey

Anagrams of rosy

Words that end with rosy


prosy  , brosy



Words that start with rosy


Suffixes of rosy

rosy  , osy  , sy

Prefixes of rosy

ro  , ros  , rosy

We found 5 words that end with rosy. The biggest word that ends with rosy is antileprosy - this word has 11 letters. The shortest word is leprosy- this word has 7 letters. You can search any word for its meaning, suffxes and prefixes on wordmantra using search bar on the top. We found 5 english words that end with rosy, click on each of them for futher exploring their meanings and anagrams.