sabre Meaning


- cut or injure with a saber
- kill with a saber


- a fencing sword with a v-shaped blade and a slightly curved handle
- a stout sword with a curved blade and thick back

Words that sound like or rhyme with sabre

labor  , neighbor  , labour  , belabor  , neighbour  , saber  , tabor  , faber  , taber  , aber  , baber  , fabre  , haber  , sabir  , jaber  , graber  , laber  , lefebvre  , naber  , raber  , gaber  , schaber  , traber  , aybar  , lefebre  , lesabre

Anagrams of sabre

Words that end with sabre


Words that start with sabre


sabred  , sabres

Suffixes of sabre

sabre  , abre  , bre  , re

Prefixes of sabre

sa  , sab  , sabr  , sabre

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