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sooty Meaning


- of the blackest black; similar to the color of jet or coal
- covered with or as if with soot

Words that sound like or rhyme with sooty

beauty  , duty  , booty  , tutti  , snooty  , cutie  , glutei  , fruity  , bootee  , rooty  , clootie  , bootie  , muti  , fluty  , flutey  , cutey  , plutei  , shooty  , maruti  , mooty  , pizzuti  , hootie  , benvenuti  , venuti  , cerutti  , cerruti  , presutti

Anagrams of sooty

Words that end with sooty


Words that start with sooty


Suffixes of sooty

sooty  , ooty  , oty  , ty

Prefixes of sooty

so  , soo  , soot  , sooty

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