xis Meaning


- the cardinal number that is the sum of ten and one
- the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet

Anagrams of xis

Words that end with xis

anaphylaxis  , phyllotaxis  , prophylaxis  , thermotaxis  , thigmotaxis

amphimixis  , chemotaxis  , phototaxis  , tropotaxis

morphallaxis  , trophallaxis




lexis  , maxis  , pyxis  , taxis


alexis  , deixis  , praxis

catalexis  , aerotaxis  , endomixis  , epistaxis  , hypotaxis  , parataxis  , telotaxis

cathexis  , apomixis  , geotaxis  , panmixis  , phylaxis

Words that start with xis


Suffixes of xis

xis  , is

Prefixes of xis

xi  , xis

We found 34 words that end with xis. The biggest word that ends with xis is anaphylaxis - this word has 11 letters. The shortest word is cathexis- this word has 8 letters. You can search any word for its meaning, suffxes and prefixes on wordmantra using search bar on the top. We found 34 english words that end with xis, click on each of them for futher exploring their meanings and anagrams.